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Benefits of buying container

Benefits of buying container

Containers are the optimum unit of measure for international commercial transport:

1. We send completely
sealed from our Warehouse in Miami.

It guarantees the cargo’s integrity and reduces the manipulation of its commodities by third parties, minimizing loss and damages.

2. You are able to save more than 40%

contributing to a higher and faster return on your investment.

3. You have access to
better prices in all of our products.

4. It is an offer that lets you increase variety

and maintain enough stock to satisfy your country’s demand and secure the rebuying of your clients.

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5. Cost of transporting a container is similar to transporting individual pallets.

The transport cost by product is reduced in a proportion of 10 to 1.

6. The Customs cost is the same for a container as it is for loose pallets.

7. Moving a container is faster than moving loose cargo.

Loose cargo must wait until their consolidation.

8. Your product travels alone in the container.

It does not share space with other companies nor other products.

9. Customs legalization is faster

and it requires fewer verificaction processes.

10. Your company is positioned as a big importer

And gain better status front of their clients.

Fill now your container with CompuOffers!

Strategically located: Miami Florida, United States – 10 minutes from and to the airport

Permanent stock of computers from original brands

Quality processes on 3 phases

We distribute to more than 437 wholesalers of computers in 40 cities

Low prices and convinients for exportation


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