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While making a delivery it is necessary to determine the required space, depending if you will send retail merchandise or lots of merchandise; for each type of delivery there is a rentable option that will adequate the needs of your company. Here we will tell you the most common ones and some data that you have to know.

CONTAINERS: A container is a good option to make large quantity shipments, this cargo container is commonly used for multimodal transportation (road or marine). The containers are the most common method to transport voluminous or heavy objects: as well as palletized merchandise.

The standard containers have evolved into a variety of types and dimensions to adjust to the needs of the exporters and importers.

Thanks to the 12 different types of containers and to a variety of sizes from which you can choose, it is possible to send in a secure way all type of merchandise, from bulk cereals to raw materials, to perishable items and is ideal for the transport of big lots of remanufactured computers.

In this guide we will explain you which are the uses and dimensions of different containers including:

Standard cargo container of 20-40 ft: Are the most commonly used containers worldwide in the maritime transportation of merchandise, its hermetically closed and doesn’t have a refrigeration or ventilation system.

Ventilated cargo container: The ventilated container is a type of container that has a ventilation system thanks to the lateral openings that allows the circulation of the air. Its ventilation system allows for the expulsion of hot air and also the entrance of fresh air from the exterior, making sure that there won’t be any gas or humidity condensation that can affect the cargo. This makes this type of container the adequate one for the transportation of merchandise that needs to have a constant temperature and without abrupt changes.

Refrigerated cargo container: The refrigerated container counts with a system that allows to maintain a temperature inside the container between -25° and +25°. It is most commonly used in the transportation of fresh and frozen food, such as fish, meat and fruits and other perishable cargo. Also, it is very common in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Flat Rack cargo container: Are design to accommodate multimodal transportation to all cargo which measure, distribution of the bulks or weight doesn’t allow standard or dry van, whether they are 20, 40 or 40 ft HC.

Open Top Container Cargo: Has lateral walls and also can cover the top part with a canvas for the merchandise to be more protected. Have in mind that the open part in the Open Top container is slightly smaller than the interior of the container.

LCL or consolidate Container: When your company needs to transport merchandise in a more reduced volume than the complete container: the best option is an LCL, because it allows to send the right quantity of products, because you will count with the specific space you require in the container, paying only the percentage that your merchandise require.

Courier Service: It’s the most common employee by natural people, it offered by many companies and consists in performing the shipment of the package or document through a specialized courier company (DHL, FEDEX, ETC)

The main advantage is the speed, as the packages have to be sent in a determine time; also, many of this companies offer tracing of the shipment and updates in the state of the shipping, generating more trust with the users.

Pallets: The pallets are very common in some countries to increase the efficiency in the cargo handling, this are a support based on boards to stock the cargo, they are rigid and are used to stock the merchandise homogeneously distributed in high and surface.

There are two main types of pallets, “Europallet and standard pallet. The size of the “Europallet is of 800 mm X 1.200 mm. each piece, and the standard pallet is 1.000 mm. X 1.200 mm. each piece.

Taking into account what are the types of shipping, you just have to evaluate the cargo you will transport to decide the most rentable system.

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