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Scale as a Refurbished PC Distributor with CompuOffers Memberships

f your purpose is to distribute remanufactured computers with high quality standards and be relevant in the market, you should know that at CompuOffers we work for you to meet that goal.

Taking that into account, we have implemented a program of 4 business levels to which you can apply. To the extent that you advance in each one, greater profits will be reflected. In addition, this program guarantees you greater benefits as a distributor, more savings and profitability for your business.

The memberships you find in CompuOfferrs are:

  • GOLD

When you become part of this system of certified members you will realize the most important potential that exists in the distribution of remanufactured computers and laptops. In other words, our CompuOffers benefits will help you grow faster and boost your sales with great customers.

As a distributor of remanufactured computers in your country, you can occupy a privileged position by consolidating strategic relationships with our leading company in remanufactured computers.

Remember that we have a strategic physical location in El Doral, Miami, United States. This allows us to meet delivery times, facilitating shipments to our customers. Similarly, we have the necessary infrastructure for storage and packaging, which ensures the development of each process efficiently. Become part of our system of certified members and give your distribution company a boost.

CompuOffers is the international ally that wants to see you grow!

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