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What are the advantages of importing computers for your business?

The value of your brand as computer distributor its based in the perception your clients have of
the products and services you offer. Due to this, business owners use techniques as importing
to improve the quality of their product and apply strategies that are adaptable to small and big

Some of the benefits that are generated by the importation of computers for companies are:
Have a bigger supplier contact list: The growth of quantity of suppliers out of your country
allows to optimize the costs of technology supplies and growth the competitive capacity in the
market, lessening the one from local suppliers.

Maximize your distribution capacity: when incorporating the external capacity in the structure
of distribution of your company, you get an increase in the rentability of the distribution,
lessening the infrastructure in distribution that is not being used.

Improve the company competitiveness in a general level: The acquired
experience in a global environment eases the development and adaptation
of products and strategies, that can end up incrementing the previous sale.
Access to a mayor variety of products and brands: You will have a bigger portfolio of technology
equipment, with unique characteristics and references that you probably will not find in the
local market.In compuoffers we offer you a wide variety of remanufactured laptops and desktops from the best brands to satisfy the demand in your country as distributor.

Allow the company to create a better image and prestige: When importing products with a
certified distributor and with experience in the market, increase your value and corporative
image. Once your products acquire the tag of “imported”, your company will market in a bigger

Allow to grow the invoice of the company: By having our support of a permanent and
trustworthy stock with good prices and an established strategy, allow to growth the number of
total sales.

More competitiveness in the internal market: The acquired experience gotten from an
international distributor of computers will facilitate the development and adaptation of
products and strategies that can have as a result an increment of capacity of sales in a national

Facility in the management of processes. A trustworthy exporter accomplish with his quality
goals, delivers the agreed brands and products, also the processes of payment and logistics are
easier for the clients.

Count on experience and high availability from compuoffers, import the best brands and
references in Laptops and Desktops to be the leader in the market in your country. We import
from the United States throughout the world.

If you want to be a distributor from compuoffers, our team of specialist will help you. Sing in
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