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Is a computer junkyard growing in your company?

Discover why government agencies and companies choose PS disposal for secure electronics recycling

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We are at your service

We have an e-waste solution for every industry!

Compuoffers provides multiple services arranged as a package that fits your business exact needs and requeriments.


Our Methodology

¿What Can I Recycle?

What about Computer Recycling?

Computer recycling is an effective manner of obsolete/old computer disposal.

What about laptop recycling?

Recycling your laptop computer is easy with Compuoffers

What about cell phone recycling?

iPhone, Smartphone, and Cell phone recycling is the solution for schools, businesses and hospitals with outdated mobile phones. 

Can we recycle networking equipment?

Need to know how to recycle networking equipment or where you can recycle your old networking gear?

What about printer recycling?

Where can you recycle old printers and how does printer recycling work?  Recycling your printers is the appropriate end of life solution for old or obsolete print equipment.

What about recycling old electronics?

Old or unwanted electronic equipment should be recycled by a reputable electronics recycler.

Do we recycle copy machines?

Recycling your old or unwanted copy machine equipment can help fight the growing ewaste problem.

Can we recycle server equipment?

Unwanted or obsolete server parts and equipment need to be appropriately disposed of by a reputable electronics recycler.

What about recycling ink/printer cartridges?

Ink cartridge recycling and printer toner recycling are essential in the e-waste recycling process.

Do we recycle lcd monitors?

Where can you recycle your old crt or lcd monitor?  Crt monitor recycling and lcd monitor recycling is easy. 

Compuoffers prides itself in recycling all forms of electronics, if you need help recycling your electronic device or old computer please contact Compuoffers Recycling at 17868513875 or by email at info@compuoffers.com

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